What is a ghost?

mysterial blog what is a ghost? If you have ever visited a haunted house or watched a scary movie, you may have wondered about ghosts. What are they and where do they come from? Are there different types of ghosts? These questions can help us understand what it means to be a ghost. A non-corporeal …

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Were werewolves so powerful?

mysterial blog Were werewolves so powerful? Werewolves are a popular theme in literature, film and television. Werewolves have existed since the ancient days of Greek mythology and have been witnessed by nearly every culture throughout history. But how did they get here? And why do they continue to be so popular today? I will answer …

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When was last seen yeti?

mysterial blog when was last seen yeti? I’m sure you’ve heard of the Yeti, that elusive beast who’s been spotted roaming around the snowy peaks of the Himalayas for centuries. But have you ever wondered exactly when this creature was first spotted? Or why some people think it exists at all? That’s what we’re going …

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