Prophetic Dreams

Prophetic dreams are a gift from God to His people. They are messages from God, and they can be very clear if we pay attention. There are many examples in the Bible of how God communicated with people through dreams and visions. The New Testament tells us that there will be no end to prophetic dreams because God wants all His people to hear His voice and know that He loves them.

What are prophetic dreams?

A prophetic dream is a dream that is meaningful to the dreamer. It can be predictive, prescient, or a message from God. Or all three!

A warning from God about something bad about to happen in your life or for someone else’s life (like one of your family members).

Prophetic dreams – do they always come true?

  • Not always. There are many examples of prophetic dreams coming true in the Bible. For example, Joseph’s dream about him being sold into slavery and becoming a powerful leader was fulfilled exactly as he had seen it (Genesis 37).

  • To discern the source of the dream is very important. I have heard many testimonies where people have had dreams that have turned out to be false because they did not ask God for confirmation or seek His wisdom as to what they should do with them. If you are unsure if your dream is from God, pray about it first and seek advice from someone who has experience with hearing from Him.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for confirmation from God: “The interpretation of one’s own vision belongs exclusively to oneself; but an interpretation given by another may sometimes be sought.” —Rabbi Akiva

Do I need to be a prophet to get prophetic dreams?

No, you don’t need to be a prophet or have any special gifts for prophetic dreams. Prophetic dreams are just regular dreams that are more vivid and memorable than other dreams.

You can train yourself to have prophetic dreams by meditating on the Word of God before going to bed at night and asking Him to show you what He wants you to see in your dreams. If He doesn’t answer your prayers, then don’t worry about it; there’s nothing wrong with having regular non-prophetic dreams. The most important thing is that since they’re more vivid than other kinds of dream experiences (this is why they appear “realer” than ordinary ones), these images will stick in your mind much longer after waking up from them—and this will give us some time before they fade away completely so we can write them down!

How often do we dream?

Most of us dream every night, though some people experience more dreams than others. Dreams are a natural part of sleep and are thought to be the brain’s way of processing emotions and information from our day.

The average person will have two to seven dreams during each sleep period, but we could have many more if we’re sick or under stress. Over half of all people say they can remember their dreams on most nights when they awaken in the morning!

Can we control our dreams?

No, we cannot control our dreams. However, you can influence your dream by meditating on the scriptures before you go to bed. Sleep in peace and wake up refreshed!

Through my personal experience, I have learnt that God uses dreams as a form of communication with his people. The Bible is full of examples where God speaks to His people through dreams or visions. It is important that we learn how to interpret these messages from God so that we can understand His plan for us and help out others in need.

What is the difference between dreams and visions?

Dreams are personal and visions are communal

Dreams are more common and visions are rare

Dreams come from the subconscious mind, while visions come from the superconscious mind.

Dreams are more symbolic, while visions tend to be literal.

When a dream can be remembered (which isn’t always), it’s usually due to some sort of conscious effort on behalf of the dreamer; in contrast, a vision is almost never remembered (if at all).

Do prophets dream differently than regular people?

There are a few differences that can explain why prophets see prophetic dreams. Let’s look at four of the main ones.

  • Prophets have a different relationship with God than other people do. They identify themselves as prophets and they’re often seen by others as having some kind of unique connection to God or supernatural abilities. Because they’re aware of their “specialness,” they may be more open to receiving messages from above and more likely to recognize them when they happen.

  • Prophets spend much more time in prayer than average people do, which gives them more opportunity for spiritual growth than the average person has access to in his or her busy day. This means that he or she is less likely to be distracted by worldly things (like work) when he or she does dream about them; instead he/she may be able to focus on what was presented through his/her own visions because he/she knows how important it is not only for him/herself but also for others who might benefit from hearing what God has shown him/her through spiritual means rather than just reading scripture verses found somewhere on Facebook posts written by someone else who wasn’t even there during those events took place!

What are the signs that it is God’s message?

The following are some possible signs of a prophetic dream:

  • The dreams you have are warnings or they show you what is going to take place in the future. Your dreams may not always be clear, but if they are showing you things that will happen in the future, it is probably God speaking to you through your dreams.

  • If a dream promises something good for the person having it or someone else, then its message may be from God. For example, if someone has a dream about winning an award or receiving an inheritance from their late uncle who passed away last week and they are able to see this happening before it actually happens; therefore, this could mean their uncle had been watching over them while he was alive and now he is telling them his blessings will continue after he passed on as well as warning them not make any hasty decisions with their money because there might be more coming down the pipeline soon!

Can we train ourselves to have prophetic dreams?

Yes, you can train yourself to have prophetic dreams. However, it is not easy and it takes discipline and commitment. You will have to be willing to give up some of your time for this purpose.

You also need to pray and ask God for help in order for your dream training to be effective.

The Bible is full of examples of how God communicates with His people through dreams and visions. Read more about how to discern if your dream comes from God or from other sources.

The Bible is full of examples of how God communicates with His people through dreams and visions. Read more about how to discern if your dream comes from God or from other sources.

God uses dreams as a way to communicate His guidance and direction for our lives, but we must be willing to receive what He has for us. We can invite Him into our lives by being open to having this kind of relationship with Him. Dreaming is not just a possibility—it is actually happening all the time! You’ve had many dreams already, even if you don’t remember them right away or wrote them down somewhere at the time they happened. Some things are too important not to remember! You may have been dreaming when someone came up behind you while standing in line at the grocery store, tapped on your shoulder slowly then whispered something like: “I need help.” Or maybe when someone said something like: “Please let me know when its alright for me come over” – but only after giving some excuse why now wasn’t good timing (i mean really??). In both cases above could have been ways that God was trying communicating something important specifically just for YOU…and HE DID IT THROUGH DREAMS!!