What to do when you meet a ghost?

Everyone has a ghost story. It’s a part of our culture and heritage, but there aren’t many resources out there for how to handle the situation if you actually meet one. If you find yourself face-to-face with this supernatural phenomenon, here are some tips on how to be calm, cool and collected

Don’t freak out.

Whether you’re a believer or not, one thing remains true: ghosts are still just people. They may have lived before, but they live now as well and they can feel pain and joy just like anyone else. In order to help them move on and get closure, it’s important not to freak out when you see a ghost.

Don’t panic or be afraid of them (which is natural). Don’t run away from them either – this will only make their situation worse. Instead, show them compassion and kindness by offering some kind words or gestures of goodwill if you can.

They are probably confused about what is happening to them so reassure them that everything will be okay eventually if they stay calm and try not to be afraid or angry at all costs.*

Leave the ghost alone.

It’s important to remember that ghosts are just like people. They have their own thoughts and feelings, just like you do. It may seem like they want your attention, but they’re probably just lonely and trying to get by as best they can in a world that no longer exists for them. It’s not polite to interrupt them this way—just leave them alone!

Ghosts can be shy creatures, so you should avoid saying anything out loud when around one. If someone else is present who doesn’t know about the ghost (such as your parents), make sure not to mention it when there is an opportunity for people to overhear you talking about it later.

Some people have tried writing notes or even calling out “hi” when seeing a ghost on purpose in order save having this awkward encounter happen again (and maybe even get some answers), but these methods don’t work very well because ghosts aren’t particularly good at communicating through any medium except telepathy (which only works between humans).

Remember, it’s not about you.

The best thing you can do is to remember that ghosts are just people—people who have died, yes, but also people who lived and breathed for years before their death. They have feelings and desires, just like we do. If they seem angry or upset or fearful, think about what might be upsetting them and try to help if possible.

It’s also important not to take the appearance of ghostly figures personally: they aren’t there because of anything that happened between the two of you (or three of you…or more). Ghosts aren’t trying to frighten anyone; they’re just there because it’s where they’ve ended up in their afterlife journey. They might be trying to communicate with someone still living on Earth—someone familiar with this particular place where they’re hanging out—but it’s probably not a good idea for us humans to try contacting any beings other than our own kind until we know what we’re doing!

Don’t call them “Ghosts”.

We’re not talking about ghosts here. Ghosts are scary, they are spooky, they have pitchforks and they wear sheets!

No no no, we’re talking about people who have died. These people just happen to be on another plane of existence than us right now. They can hear us and see us and interact with our world in some ways (although it might take some effort).

Assure them that everything is fine.

  • Assure them that everything is fine.

  • Ghosts are often confused and may need to be reassured that everything is fine. They may be scared of the living, confused about their own existence, or have died in a traumatic way.

Be calm and be kind to ghosts.

When you meet a ghost, don’t be afraid. Be calm, and kind to everyone.


Ghosts deserve our respect and kindness. To truly be afraid of them is to misunderstand their true nature and purpose. But this is understandable, as most of us live in a world where we do not encounter ghosts on a daily basis. So if you ever have an encounter with one, remember to be calm and respectful, and don’t worry about what it might mean for your life or afterlife. After all, there are many different types of ghosts out there—some may even be friendly! Just remember that they aren’t trying to scare you; they may just want some company or comfort after being separated from loved ones for so long