Are we alone in the universe?

mysterial blog Are we alone in the universe? We are living in the time when we can finally ask the question: Are we alone in the universe? We have only recently learned about planets beyond our own solar system and even more recently discovered that some of these exoplanets could be habitable. Our search for …

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Aliens in movies

mysterial blog Aliens in movies Aliens have always been a topic of great interest in the cinema world. We have seen them in many movies and they are often very scary, but they can also be friendly. In this article we will see what films contain aliens and how they behave when they meet humans. …

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What is a UFO?

mysterial blog What is a UFO? The term UFO is an abbreviation for unidentified flying object. A UFO sighting refers to a reported encounter with one of these objects. These objects are typically identified as being extraterrestrial in origin, but they can also be man-made or natural phenomena. In this article we’ll explain everything you …

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